Friday, July 29, 2011

Autumnz-Cooler Tote

Autumnz-Cooler Tote
A perfectly sized cooler tote that is thoughtfully designed to be flexible enough for both work and outing purposes. It is small enough to fit into any work bags and discreet enough to be carried on its own. Definitely a great companion as you embark on your breastfeeding journey. A small investment that goes a long way.

Size : 25cm (W) x 21cm (H) x12cm (D)


  • Holds 8 standard neck bottles (5 oz each)
  • Holds 8 bags of filled Autumnz Double Ziplock Breastmilk Storage Bags (7oz each)
  • Tested to keep breastmilk chilled for up to 14 hours with 3 pcs of Autumnz Reusable Ice Pack

     PRICE: RM44.00

    Breastpump Knapsack/Backpack

    AUTUMNZ-Breastpump Knapsack/Backpack

    A versatile knapsack / backpack practically designed for both work and outing purposes.

    Fit your breastpump and cooler bag into the Autumnz Breastpump Knapsack / Backpack and you are off to pump discreetly without having to remove the pump out of the bag.

    Complete the look with Autumnz Cooler Tote, Autumnz Chic Casual Cooler Tote, Autumnz Ice Gel, Autumnz Double Ziplock Storage Bags and Autumnz Breastmilk Storage Bottles.

    Price: RM99.00 

    Autumnz-Cooler Bag

    Autumnz-Cooler Bag

    FREE Autumnz Air Dry Mesh Bag to store and to air dry your breastpump parts and bottles after washing. Convenient to be used for air drying your breastfeeding gears when you are away from the comfort of your own home.
    This space saver cooler bag is thoughtfully designed to be flexible enough for both work and outing purposes. With the aim of all-in-one (store bottles/storage bags and breastpumps in one single cooler bag), this bag suits the needs of breastfeeding mothers who are after a compact yet sleek combo.
    Carry your breastmilk in style by using the 3-way carrying method  that his bag allows - hand carryshoulder slinghook to stroller
    A well-structured bag that is truly functional. Definitely a great companion as you embark on your breastfeeding journey. A small investment that goes a long way.
    • Holds  up to 8 standard neck bottles measuring 5 oz 
    • Holds up to 8 bags of filled Autumnz Double Ziplock Breastmilk Storage Bags (7oz each)
    • 2 separate compartments - one to store your breastmilk and the other to store your breastpump*
    • Spacious room to fit Medela SwingMedela HarmonyMedela Mini ElectricMedela ManualAvent Isis ManualAvent Isis Uno
    • Wide opening when unzipped giving easy and spacious access to the interior
    • Fully insulated inner (with padding) to keep breastmilk cooler for a longer time
    • Built-in inner mesh pocket for storage
    • Built-in inner elasticed strap to hold your breastmilk bottle / storage bag upright to prevent leakage of breastmilk
    • High quality waterproof and dirt-resistant nylon outer making it durable and easily maintained (wipe with a damp cloth)
    • Durable zippers with stylish steel buckles that give a touch of sophistication
    • Comes with a sturdy and padded hand carry handle - for hand carry
    • Comes with a detachable and adjustable shoulder sling strap - or adjust to the smallest setting for hand sling
    • Comes with a separate, independent buckle that can be looped around the carry handle and buckled securely to your stroller handle or diaper bag.
    • Comes with a handy and spacious zippered back pocket for storing your bits and bobs securely
    • Size - 16cm (W) x 27cm (H) x25cm (D)
    • Tested to keep breastmilk chilled for up to 14 hours with 3 pcs of Autumnz Reusable Ice Pack
     PRICE: RM55.90

    Monday, July 25, 2011

    Autumnz PRAIRIE - Pistachio & Purple

    You will love our soft feel 2-in-1 maternity /nursing tunic that will accompany you through your maternity and breastfeeding days. Neither floaty nor fitted, this tunic will flatter in all the right places.
    Let's celebrate your bump and breastfeeding adventure with our collection of 2-in-1 maternity/nursing tunic.

    Access type: Neckline access by pulling aside or downwards to access the inner lining.
    Material : 95% Cotton 5% Spandex

    Size :
    S - bust up to 34"
    M- bust up to 36"
    L - bust up to 38"
    XL - bust up to 40"

    Price: RM69.90   

    Monday, July 18, 2011

    AUTUMNZ - Long Sleeve Tunic (Clover)

    This minimal but exceedingly tasteful tunic once again proves that simplicity equates style!
    The flair shape of this lightweight top will flatter most body shapes. You can team it with leggings, jeans or trousers or simply wear it as a mini dress for smaller-built mothers.
    Features cuffed sleeve allowing you to wear this with sleeve rolled down or up

    Access type: Neckline access by pulling aside or downwards to access the inner lining.

    Material : Rayon spandex

    Size :
    S - bust up to 34"
    M- bust up to 36"
    L - bust up to 38"

    Price: RM69.90   

    Autumnz-*Modern Bengkung*-Xtra Long

    Harga: RM60.00

    Autumnz Post-Partum Abdominal Binder is thoughtfully designed to help reshape your tummy back to its pre-pregnancy shape. Hailed as the ‘Modern Bengkung’, this tummy wrap will facilitate the post-pregnancy recovery process in a natural way.

    * Support, enhances and tones your figure after delivery
    * Helps to reduce unwanted stress marks and improve the skin’s natural elasticity
    * Comfortable, light and breathable
    * Luxuriously soft inner layer which is gentle on skin
    * Unnoticeable under clothing
    * Simple to use hook and loop closure enables easy self-fitting
    * Comes with 3 rows of loops for easy adjustment
    *Durable and high quality hook closing which will not let go when sitting down
    *Constructed from 6 panels of beautifully embroidered elastic, which allows contour fit
    * Total height of binder is 11 inches.
    * Hand wash recommended
    * Made from imported materials

    *M = 28" - 32"
    *L = 32" - 36"
    *XL= 36" - 40"
    *XXL= 40" - 44"
    Size is determined by waist size.

    Autumnz Nursing Poncho

    Misty Mauve
    Plush Periwinkle
    Lavish Kiwi
    Gorgeous Grey

    Chic Khaki
    Nurse your baby discreetly and in style with our elegant nursing poncho which flows gracefully with your body. Made of lightweight material that is breathable and luxuriously soft, it feels silky next to you and your baby's skin. Features complete coverage front and back while walking, standing or sitting, you will love the security and privacy this poncho offers when breastfeeding.

    One size fits all - this exclusive poncho comes with button closure on one edge, allowing you toadjust for different shoulder widths giving you the perfect fit.

    Flatteringly cut and beautifully sewn to make you look and feel best, the nursing poncho is amazingly flexible that it can be worn in a multitude of ways to suit your need and taste. You can use it as a throw-on piece, tunic or wrap that drapes stylishly over your shoulder, making this special enough for day and night.

    Undo all the buttons and this poncho can also be used as a baby wrap, blanket or double up as a sun shade over your stroller.

    Harga: RM43.90

    Autumnz - Breastmilk Storage Bottles

    Autumnz Breastmilk Storage Bottles is specially designed for safe and extended storage of breastmilk.

    Safe & Non toxic (BPA free and Phthalates Free)
      US FDA approved material for safe storage
        Made of 100% food grade polypropylene (PP) for safe & longer storage
          Compatible with most standard breastpumps (Medela, Spectra etc) – can pump directly into the bottle
            Embossed ounce/ml markings for durability

              Set includes:
              8 x 5oz PP Breastmilk Storage Bottles
              8 x Screw Rings
              8 x Sealing Discs

                Storage Instructions:
                Store milk in single serving size to avoid wastage
                Leave some room at the top of the bottle to allow for expansion when milk freezes
                Screw on the cover
                Label milk with the date and time it was expressed
                Store milk in refrigerator and freezer
                  Harga: RM38.90

                  Autumnz - Stay Dry Diaper Liner (100pcs/roll)

                  The liner of choice for cloth diaper and nappy
                  Autumnz Stay-Dry Diaper Liners are constructed from Ingeo TM Fibres, a natural (plant-based), renewable & biodegradable fibre free of harsh synthetic chemicals imported from the United States of America. This means you need not be concerned about what is laying between your baby's skin and your baby's cloth diaper/nappy.
                  Simply lay the liner on top of the cloth diaper/nappy. The stay-dry effect allows moisture to pass through the liner and prevents moisture seeping back onto baby’s skin, keeping it dry at all times with less opportunity for diaper rashes to occur.
                  The liner keeps solid waste contained for easy clean-up. Simply remove the liner and flush or throw away. They also help to reduce stains on your diapers/nappies.
                  Autumnz Stay-Dry Diaper Liners are suitable for use with all types of cloth diapers and nappies. Non-irritating and super soft, they are gentle for baby's sensitive skin.
                  The liners can also be used as chemical-free cleansing tissues

                  * 100% biodegradable
                  100% Natural (Ingeo TM Fibres)
                  * Free of harsh synthetic chemicals
                  * Flushable & breathable
                  * Dye & Fragrance Free
                  * Super soft feel
                  * Gentle & safe for sensitive skin
                  * Wet liners can be disposed of in the bin or composted.
                  * Soiled liners can be flushed. Allow soiled liners to soak in the toilet a few minutes before flushing to allow them to absorb water and break down a bit before they are released into the septic system
                  Caution: Flush the liners with care as it may cause blockage in old or damaged drains.
                  HARGA: RM19.90

                  Sunday, July 17, 2011

                  Set Bersalin HPA

                  Untuk ibu-ibu yang masih tercari2 produk post-natal yang selamat, suci dan meyakinkan, boleh cube Set Bersalin HPA.

                  - 8 PRODUK BERMUTU DALAM 1 -
                  Set bersalin adalah ramuan yang lengkap khusus untuk wanita yang baru melahirkan anak. Set ini dirumus khas untuk khasiat seperti berikut:-
                  1. Mengelakkan masalah kebas kaki dan tangan. Keadaan ini berlaku oleh pendarahan yang banyak semasa melahirkan anak sehingga tubuh badan menjadi sejuk.
                  2. Mempercepatkan kesembuhan dan merawat luka dan pendarahan semasa melahirkan anak.
                  3. Mengembalikan tenaga yang hilang akibat pendarahan semasa melahirkan anak.
                  4. Mengecutkan rahim dan mengembalikan kepada keadaan yang normal.
                  5. Menghilangkan sakit batu meriyan.
                  6. Membantu untuk mengeluarkan angin dalam badan.
                  7. Membantu melawaskan pembuangan air besar.
                  8. Mengatasi masalah bayi kembung perut, senak dll.

                  Set bersalin mengandungi:
                  Minyak Barut (2 unit) : Gunakan minyak ini untuk mengelakkan kemasukan angin. Sapukan pada seluruh tubuh terutama di perut serta sendi-sendi yang lenguh.
                  Minyak Bayi (2 unit) : Gunakan pada bayi untuk senak, kembung perut, sering menangis pada waktu malam. Sapukan pada perut dan dada.
                  Teh Herba (1 unit) : Minuman berherba yang bertindak sabagai penyembuh luka dalam dan juga berkhasiat untuk mengembalikan kesihatan dan kesegaran.
                  Ubat Periuk (4 bunjut X 12 hari) : Rebus 1 bunjut bersama dengan 600ml air dengan api yang perlahan sehingga mendidih. Minum 1 cawan teh untuk 2 kali sehari pada pagi dan petang. Satu bungkus boleh diminum selama 3 hari.
                  Kapsul Wanita A & B :Diambil selepas meminum ubat periuk. Amalkan satu kapsul A dan satu kapsul B setiap malam.
                  Ubat Basuh (Kegunaan Luar) : Rebus ubat ini dengan air melebihi sukatan herba yang sedia ada dengan api yang perlahan. Basuh di kawasan peranakan setiap pagi selama satu minggu selepas hari ke-40 selepas bersalin.
                  Spirulina : Digunakan untuk menghindari sembelit, memperbaiki penghadaman dan penyerapan. Spirulina juga bertindak sebagai pencuci kolon dan sekaligus mengeluarkan keracunan dalam badan. Selain itu, spirulina juga memberi tenaga. Amalkan 2 kapsul pada waktu pagi dan 2 kapsul pada waktu malam selepas makan.

                  Cara Penggunaan:
                  1. Ubat Periuk (4 bunjut) : menggunakan campuran pelbagai herba terpilih seperti pokok kacip fatimah bagi mengembalikan perca peranakan wanita dan membersihkan darah nifas.
                  Peringatan :
                  1 bunjut untuk 3 hari sahaja. Diambil selepas 3 hari bersalin bermula hari keempat hingga hari ke – 15. Minum 3 kali sehari iaitu sebanyak setengah cawan teh biasa. Ubat ini akan mengeluarkan banyak darah nifas yang kadang kala berketul-ketul.
                  2. Herba Sihat Wanita A dan Herba Sihat Wanita B : - Bermula pada hari ke- 16. Cara pengambilan – Herba Sihat Wanita A ( I pagi dan 1 malam) dan Herba Sihat Wanita B juga dalam dos yang sama.
                  3. Spirulina : 1 kapsul pada waktu pagi dan 1 kapsul malam. Penggunaan selama 15 hari bermula pada hari ke- 4 hingga hari ke- 19.
                  4. Minyak Barut : - Penggunaan minyak barut adalah untuk mencegah kemasukan angin. Sapu minyak barut pada perut dan ari-ari serta sendi-sendi yang lenguh seperti betis dan kaki. Minyak ini amat sesuai digunakan sebagai minyak urut.
                  5. Minyak Bayi : - Gunakan minyak ini untuk senak dan kembung dan sebagai minyak urutan bayi.
                  6. Teh Herba : - Diramukan daripada pokok Cantella asiatica (pegaga) untuk membantu mempercepatkan penyembuhan luka dalaman dan merawat penyakit kuning. Masukkan satu uncang teh ke dalam segelas air suam dan tutup gelas tersebut dan minum selepas 10 minit pada hari pertama selepas bersalin. Teh herba ini juga baik untuk kesegaran badan dan mengelakkan daripada sembelit. Satu kotak mengandungi 35 uncang untuk lebih sebulan.
                  7. Ubat Basuh : - Hendaklah digunakan selepas 40 hari bersalin. Rebus ubat basuh dengan api yang perlahan. Basuh di kawasan peranakan setiap pagi selama 7 hari berturut-turut.

                  **Sebagai tambahan ibu-ibu amat digalakkan menggunakan Herba Barut sebagai pelengkap set bersalin yang mengandungi herba yang bertindak sebagai pelawas, mengecutkan peranakan, mencegah kemasukan angin ke ruangan peranakan dan baik untuk mencegah fibroid.

                  Puluhan ribu ibu-ibu telah mengamalkan set bersalin HPA dan kadar pengulangannya amat tinggi yang membuktikan kemujaraban produk ini. Gunakannya dengan penuh keyakinan demi mengembalikan kemudaan tubuh dan kebahagiaan rumah tangga.

                  Harga: RM 85
                  Ahli HPA: RM 70

                  Autumnz WEKENDER


                  This tunic will walk you chicly through your breastfeeding and post-breastfeeding days. Wear it flatteringly with leggings and flats for that casual and relaxed look or pair with jeans and trousers for a more semi-formal look. Features a sash with satin finishing.

                  Saturday, July 16, 2011

                  Milk Booster

                  Anda mengalami masalah penghasilan susu yang menurun? Atau ingin maintain milk production? Juga untuk anda yang ingin mengamalkan pemakanan tambahan..Disini terdapat pelbagai pilihan untuk anda cuba (not only for you, but for the whole of your family too!)

                  Autumnz - Air Dry Mesh Bag (Medium)

                  Specially designed to store and to air dry your breastpump parts and bottles after washing.
                  Convenient to be used for air drying your breastfeeding gears when you are away from the comfort of your own home (e.g. for breastmilk pumping at workplace or when travelling)
                  Organised storage and totally mess free
                  Comes with toggle closure for durability.
                  Space saving - simply fold down and tuck away when not in use.
                  Size: 33 x 28 cm

                  Get a few as the uses are endless!
                  Laundry - Use it for your other household laundry purposes (e.g. cloth diaper, children or adult clothes that need special protection during laundry)
                  Bath times- Use it to store your children's bath toys and let them air dry (all in one storage place so they are not scattered)

                  Price: RM 8.90

                  Autumnz ELEGANT 2in1 Top - Black/Coffee

                  AUTUMNZ - Reusable Ice Pack (3pcs)

                  Autumnz Reusable Ice Pack is specially designed to chill breastmilk for a longer period of time - a great solution for breastmilk storage when you are out and about

                  • Safe, non-toxic, reusable, leak proof, durable
                  • Tested to store breastmilk up to 14 hours
                  • Generously sized at 310g per piece to enable longer preservation of cool temperature
                  • Great to be used with cooler bags, cooler box

                  • Place ice pack flat in freezer for 8 hours prior to each use
                  • When used in a cooler bag/box, place the ice pack on top or side of items to be cooled
                  • For optimum results, place 2-3 pcs of ice pack to keep breastmilk chilled for a longer period.

                  Recommended Use:
                  • To chill breastmilk
                  • To chill food and drink (e.g. picnics at the park; long road trips)
                  • To reduce injury swelling
                  • Temporary relief of headache or fever

                  Price: RM23

                  Autumnz - Casual Chic Cooler Tote

                  Stripy Coral
                  Looking to add some zest and vibrance to your collection of cooler bag? Autumnz Casual Chic collection of cooler bag which comes in 2 colours - Retro Orange and Stripy Coral will do exactly what it promises.

                  Cheerful and stylish to uplift your breastfeeding spirit
                  Spacious - able to fit 4-6 bottles + 3 pcs of Autumnz Ice Pack + Manual Breastpump
                  Practical - easy to use with 4 ways of carrying (shoulder sling, arm carry, hand carry, stroller hook with snap buttons)
                  Affordable - best bargain in town

                  Best Buy Price KCR: RM18.90